Living the Rich LiFe

Living the Rich LiFe

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Our Bear, the Cougar. This is her last year in middle school. We cant believe she will be in high school next year. It seems like only yesterday she was just learning how to ride her bike without the training wheels. You know that expression people use when your traveling through a little town..they say, " dont blink, or you'll miss it ". Well, that applies to our children. I want to do everything while they still want too because the next thing you know...their gone. To grown to cuddle with, to cool to be seen with at the mall, to hip to wear this or to busy to do that. Lucky for BigRich and I, are kids still get funky with us. They always seem down for But on the reals, this little Angel of ours is on her way. She is everything her father and I wish we could have been. She is so determined and smart. She is a lot more focused then I ever was at her age. Most kids want to be like their parents..I dont want that for her...I want more..I tell her that I wish I could have been more like her..but my shoulda, coulda, woulda days are long gone. Cherish all those moments with them..even when your tired..get up and do whatever it is they want (well with exception).

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our New Life

The Oklahoma City Temple

Another chapter of our lives has begun in Okalahoma. We left behind so many people that we love, and have move forward with so much hope, and faith. There is so much yet to see and experience here. As a family we have grown so much closer then ever. As individuals we have rised and fallen...but there is strength in numbers. Here we we we go!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Fathers Day & Birthday Gift

Dude..we are so out of here! First off I have had it up to my ears with these Allergies..and it seems that only when I am here at home in Bonney Lake, they flare up bad. So anyways, for Big Riches Birthday which is on the 20th, and for Fathers day, the kids and I are taking him back to Ocean Shores for 4 days!
We will be staying at The Sands Resort

Our family suite is located directly behind this woman sitting here in the picture. Our room has a 1bdrm w/ 2 dbl bds-a huge family lvg rm, w/a queen bd, and a pull out couch..yup, that's plenty room for us.
The Resort has 2 pools, indoor/out, 2 jacuzzi's, sauna, and gameroom.

The weekend before last we drove to Ocean Shores and stayed at The Sands for night to get away from this gosh for saken town..after working so many events, and being noticed/recognized every where I go, it was nice to go somewhere that we didn't know nobody. The kids want to move to Ocean Shores..Rich and I wouldn't mind leaving and starting over, but we'll see.
I cant wait to relax and kick back..this has been a rough week with my allergies, sleepless nights, cracked and dried skin, itchy and burning, can it just be Thursday already? I have reservations for a private jacuzzi with my husband

One more night, and TR6 is gone!

Alright there is our living room that we will be chilling in for the next 4 days..I cant wait..Happy BDay Rich, and Fathers day baby!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Year

Our Anniversary is creeping up! I have to say that time does fly when your having fun, that's fo'sho! I have enjoyed being married to Bigrich all these years. Nobody know's me better, shoot, I think he knows me better then I know myself. Finding Rich has truly been a journey all in itself though. Lord knows I kissed lots of frogs and toads before my Prince found me. I can honestly say that he is my match in everyway. Sure things were rough and get rough, but never my Marriage..times are hard, but never my marriage! My safe and favorite place is in his arms. It has been great..being married to Rich is the best..I fall Madly deeply in love everyday, I still get Very Excited to see him when we are apart like a giddy high school crush. He has provided so well and so much for the kids and I. I cant believe another year soon. I love you Gregorio! Here's to many more years baby!

Those LiL'Nasties

Our children have grown up so much, and THEY ALL have developed their own personalities. Some mix better with others, some clash, but most of all, getting it all down on who likes what, what makes this person tick, that one is more sensitive, she doesn't like to be touched, he is harder and can take more, ALL that getting to know them is what is CRAZY~ there is way to much between 4 kids to remember. At our house there is never a dull moment...believe me...there isn't! Someone is always talking...for real! There is never silence, just constantly yack yack yack! Which is cool, but I'm telling you, I need a pad and pen to keep up with who is telling me what, and what's going on with everyone. We always get interrupted, one kids talking to me, and then another one pipes up..and then there's an argument because the 1st one was like (with Massive Attitude) " Uh HELLO, did you just not see me talking to MOM!!", and then I got to deal with this lil'bit of an argument about to steam up, let alone remember whatever the heck it was that the 1st kid was trying to tell me, and then make a mental note of what the 2nd kid was gonna tell me so I can go back later and show some concern, and ask them what it was they wanted to share with me so that they dont feel left out or forgotten!!! GEESH RIGHT?
Ok so Rich and I have pretty much every type of person living here with us. We got your mixed up and confused, your emotional and temperamental, the strong and confident, the I dont need anyone I can do it all myself person, we especially have the famous, I DIDNT DO IT, IT WASNT ME kid living here as well. If you have one of those kids living at your house, you know how frustrating it can be, and if you dont have one of those will, trust, it happens to the best of us.
Something goes missing.."It wasn't me, I didn't do it", something is broken, "It wasn't me, I didn't do it", something spilt, something left open in the fridge, anything that would constitute clean up and an explanation, it is always that "It wasn't me, I didn't do it" kid.
Our Team keeps us busy and on our toes..we are having the time of our lives though being parents to these 4 krazi lil'nasties!

Keep'n it Real!

Here we are again, blogging! Putting what we want out there so that others can be all up in TR6's Mix! That's pretty much what it is, putting your 411 out there for all to kind of makes is easier then calling I guess. You pretty much know what your fam and friends are up to without really having to talk to'em. It sort of helps with your conscience, and when someone says..."Hey have you talked to TR6 in awhile?", you can be like "no but there fine, they are doing, blah blah blah, and the only reason I know that is off there Blog, I dont call them, or care to really stop by and see them, and instead of making up nasty rumors, I just read their blog". See so there it is, my fam and I have been fine. Just steady working. The kids are all growing up so fast it's crazy. Next year we will have a
7th,4th,3rd, and 2nd grader. Where has the time gone?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This years Christmas Card Pictures

Like every family in America, or around the world, we set aside a day to take our Family Picture for our Christmas card. You would think that the older the children got, the easier this process would be....nope! There were lighting problems, background issues, camera malfunctions,disorganized children, faces not wiped, hair not combed properly (ok, the way Mommy wanted it done),complaining husband,one not smiling, one not looking..everyone not ready....but all in all, it was FAB!
We go through it every year...if it was perfect, it wouldn't have been a tradition.
The once a year crazy hectic day that is expected, and that it is alright...after our very many takes, we do what we do best and laugh at all the goofiness that was captured on camera, and make more silly and unforgettable memories.
tis this season...happy holidays from Team Rich!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ask the Pros

We were going to invest in one of those perfect tree finder devices this year, you know the one that everyone was buying up this year at Home Depot??? Ok, I'm playing, there isn't anything like that...well not that I know..but how do you find the perfect tree? Every year we go to Bowans Christmas tree farm to find that special tree to share our holiday with and most importantly hold all our special gifts for our loved ones. Each year TR6 runs around crazy searching for it. Some years it takes longer then others, but bottom line, we all have to agree on it.
So here it is..our tree, the special one.

Right before the boys get ready to cut down our tree daddy always asks " Are you guys sure this one is it?", and together we all answer.." yes, cut it down ".

Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Traditions

Every year TR6 attends the lighting of the Bonney Lake Christmas tree. We have been going for as long as Rich and I have been married. This year we attended the Sumner Christmas Parade for the first time w/Bestie and her son Dane, Mom & Dad, Bill & Erica and their family. It was a nice family day full of traditions. That same night was the lighting of the tree, and we all attended that as well.

Some of our other traditions is going to the same Christmas tree farm and cutting down our Huge tree. That day is coming soon, I think this Saturday, but it takes us a while to all decide on that Special tree that gets to come home with us.
Aside from the Baking, and putting the lights up together, one of our most favorite traditions is adopting a family, or maybe I should say helping others. This year the Team has been donating to our local families in need by buying gifts for them and dropping them off at our Local Jamba Juice. I would like to think that they are giving with a good heart more then it being all about receiving 50% off any size and smoothie of their choice...but either way, it's going to a great cause. All the gifts stay local, and they get a little something in return.
I love this time of the year!

~Being Thankful 4 Families~

Turkey day was Amazing. We spent a little bit of the morning with my family at my sister Abbies house. Mom was scheduled to work at 2pm, so we ate early with her, but we still had to save room for our second stop at mom/dad Rich. It's such a great feeling to gather with the ones that you are truly thankful for, and look back and remember where you were last year, and think about how much blessing we have received. Prior to eating the delicious meal that was prepared for us, we as a family couldn't help but to discuss the year before, and what we were all doing, the events that took place, and just laugh. My Wilson side has a pretty well ROUNDED sense of humor. If you dont know us by now, then I guess we would come off a little rough to you, but as Polynesians & simple people, life has really been something we laugh about it, especially given our background and our up bringing.
So needless to say, we ALL like many families have TONS to be thankful for.
This year was absolutely Fabulous for me. I did not have to prepare anything big, just 2 Green bean casseroles. One for our first stop, and another for the second one. It was very low maintenance, and I was thankful for that.
My life has had it's plenty shares of ups and Downs, but I can honestly say that every year it has exceeded the last. Rich and I were reflecting back to last Thanksgiving, and where our lives were and where it is now, and we have had some Major upgrades. From financial stand points, to cars, people, goals, material things, and opportunities, we have definitely been down grades at all, and that is what this day is all about....Being Thankful for life.
After mom left for work, TR6 had to roll out to Pacific to have dinner with the Richardson side.
This would be the first Thanksgiving with them in like 3 years..maybe more! My sister in law Erica was responsible for preparing the Bird and mom was doing the extras. Bill wanted to smoke a Turkey as well, so we had 2 kinds of gobble's that day. They were both Yummy! But we chillaxed and had a great time with them. Everything was delicious. I'm always Leary about eating traditional foods made by someone else. I'm just so use to the way my mommy prepares things, or myself that I was worried about being disappointed being that this is the only time of the year I like to eat Turkey. I always look forward MAINLY to the day after Turkey Samiches! Those are the best!
Although it wasn't what I'm use to, it was still very yummy.
We all played Guitar Hero World Tour for entertainment, and then just chillaxed and talked grown up talk with mom & dad which really felt good.
Not wanting to stay out late because Black Friday was the following day, I think we called it a night around 9pm. Overall it was Amazing. I enjoyed my Turkey day immensely. It was fo'sho, one to remember!

I am happy to report that the Sunday following Turkey day, we were all over at mom's house for our 3rd Thanksgiving dinner. Since mom wasn't really able to chillax a while the day of, we made up for it that Sunday. The Bird was just as I remembered...nothing like mom's good'ol Turkey, and you best believe that I had a Samich..2 of them in fact. We played our family bingo, and did our traditional what are you thankful for around the room, giving everyone a chance to share their thoughts. This is what it's about. Family, and good eats!